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Regulations for International Students Application of Master’s degree Students at CAA,2019

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Regulations for International Students Application of Master’s degree Students(Full-Time)

at China Academy of Art2019


The China Academy of Art(hereafter referred as CAA, International Code: 10355), the former National Academy of Art established in 1928, is an important comprehensive college for advanced studies specialized in Fine Arts with full range of subjects and majors co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and the government of Zhejiang Province. CAA is jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, PRC as well as the Zhejiang Provincial Government. It serves as a recognized “Dual World-Class” institution of national high education. In addition, its Fine Arts disciplines have been chosen as World Class Branches of Learning. CAA offers accredited degrees at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels as well as accredited Post-Doctoral programs.

CAA has ten specialist schools and colleges of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Painting Art, Design Art, Multimedia Art, Sculpture and Public Art, Film and Animation, Architecture Art, Arts and Humanities, Crafts, Art Administration and Education, all of which accept international students.

CAA is located in Hangzhou. It is the capitol of Zhejiang which is one of China’s most developed provinces in economics and cultures. The Nanshan Campus sits beside the West Lake, and the Xiangshan Campus rests at the foot of the Xiangshan Mountain. Tranquil and visually exquisite, these are ideal settings for the practice and study of arts. More than one thousand international students from eighty countries are studying here.



1. Applicants must be healthy non-Chinese citizens aging under 55.

2. Applicants of MA (Full-Time)must have owned bachelors degree.

3. As per relevant provisions, immigrants to other countries of PRC origins must be holding foreign passports for more than four years(including four years), and live abroad truly for more than two years(actual overseas stay of nine months can be calculated as one year according to visa entry and exit record) within the recent four years(before April 30th of the entry study year).


1. first copy of applicant's passport (photo page)

2. 1 photograph of 35×49mm of the applicant, full face without hat.

3. Students whose parents are of Chinese origin must present their foreign birth certificate.

4. Immigrants of Chinese origin must present:

a. Certificate of record living or studying overseas for more than two years.

b. Certificate of writing off of their former Chinese citizenship.

5. Notarized highest diploma. University students or applicants employed shall provide proof of studying or employment. Documents in other languages than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

6. Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy): Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

7. Study or research plan in CAA: in Chinese or English, no less than 800 words

8. Recommendation letters: letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from two professors or associate professors.

9. Applicants must submit resume and portfolio (for fine arts, image-media art, design art, and architecture art, appilcants must provide portfolio related to majors with title and size of each noted below). Applicants for art theory must submit a paper of 2000 words.

MFA Programs of China Academy of Art, 2019.pdf

10. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form(link:,The original should be kept by the applicant. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without signature of physician, or official stamp of hospital or sealed photograph of the applicant are invalid. Please choose appropriate time to take medical examination due to 6-months validity of the medical results.

11. Projects taught in Chinese are required to be submitted:Photocopy of valid HSK 5 certificate (students whose Chinese level doesnot meet with the requirements of major studies must study Chinese language program at International College CAA for one year).

12. 2019 International Students Criteria Form CAA. Please login International College, CAA website ( to fill out and submit on line.

13. Bank remittance receipt for transferring RMB 800 yuan application fee (payment through on-line bank not acceptable ). Account link: indicate the applicant's name.



1.Application materials and application fee will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.

2. CAA may ask applicants to submit supplementary materials or take a telephone/video interview if necessary.

3. All of the above application materials must be completed and submitted online in the official CAA website for International Students( .



. February 24th, 2019June 20th, 2019

. Chinese Government Scholarshipsplease find up-to-date information in the website of International College CAA and search for page scholarship. You can also consult the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General) in your home country. All material must be submitted online in the official CAA website for International Students before April 20, 2019.

Application Form:

Online application: please submit all your application materials in the the official CAA website for International Students( 


A group of professional tutors will make thorough assessment of all applicants’ materials, focusing on major level, HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Levels, bachelor or masters degree attainment etc. Qualified students will be admitted.


VI. Pre-payment of tuition:

1. In the month following reception of all application materials, qualified students will be sent notification of pre-admission and those not admitted will receive no further information. Please login onto CAA International Student Admission Website to check your status of application.

2. After receiving admission notice, students must remit tuition for the 1st year to the given bank account of CAA in the regulated time as informed. Then please mail the scanned bank remittance receipt to:


1. Please make sure that the name of student and your major or area of study, etc. in the bank receipt are correct for confirmation.

2. Please be sure to keep your bank remittance receipt for confirmation when you come to enroll in CAA.

3. Formal admission letter, Visa application form (Form JW202 ) will be sent out in mid July.



1. Tuition: Masters degree: RMB60,000Yuan per academic year.

2. Other fees will be charged upon enrollment.

3. Housing Accommodation Fee: 500Yuan(RMB) or 600 Yuan(RMB) or 700Yuan(RMB) per month. Accommodation fee of one academic year will be charged upon enrollment.


VIII. Enrollment

1. Normal enrollment is in early September. Please refer to your formal Admission letter for exact time.

2. Students should apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy with your valid passport, formal Admission letter, and JW202 Form. When coming to enroll in CAA, please bring above documents(ie. passport, Admission, JW202) and X1 visa, the bank remittance receipt of the pre-paid tuition.

3. Please enroll in CAA as per informed time in your formal Admission.

4. Original Certificate of Graduate or Masters Degree Certificate and Original HSK Certificate MUST be provided upon enrollment.

IX. length of schooling

1. The normal study period for international students admitted by China academy of fine arts is 3 years.

2. International students with qualified Chinese proficiency will be directly arranged to study with Chinese students in relevant professional colleges after admission, and the normal length of study is 3 years.

3. International students whose Chinese proficiency is not up to the standard for the time being shall first concentrate in the school of international education for one year of supplementary Chinese language study, and then enter the professional colleges for study in the second year. The length of study is four years, including remedial Chinese.


X. Tutor Transfer, Major Transfer and School Transfer

1. Graduate students are NOT allowed to transfer tutors, majors or to other colleges generally. Please check for detailed information in Administration Rules for Graduate Students’ School Census of CAA.

2. Students of China Government Scholarship will give up their qualification of Scholarship first and then transfer to other colleges as self-paid students if necessary.



Tel: 86-571-8716471287164711

Consultation timeMonday to Friday (except official holiday and winter holiday)9:00——16:00 winter holidayJanuary 11, 2019  to February 24, 2019.


Official website:

Office Add: Room 201, No.16 Building, International College of China Academy of Art, No. 352 Xiangshan Road, Hangzhou, 310024, P.R.China