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Chinese Language Workshops

The non-degree Chinese language program is a foundational program for overseas non-resident students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. It includes, but is not limited to, the following courses: 

Intensive Chinese Reading
Students learn contemporary Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in a systematic way at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Beginner level classes are conducted in English and Chinese. Intermediate and advanced classes are conducted in Chinese.

Spoken Chinese

In this course, students will acquire beginner, intermediate and advanced communication skills in Chinese. Course objectives include correct pronunciation and intonation, proper speed, and appropriate style and word choice.

Multimedia Audio-Visual Chinese
This course helps students enhance vocabulary usage, develop listening comprehension skills, master common sentence patterns and improve their understanding of sentences, dialogues, articles, and audio-visual material in different scenarios.

Chinese Reading and Writing

This course helps students broaden their vocabulary by doing basic reading training and by writing essays with correct phases and grammar to express their own thoughts.

Chinese Culture
This course gives an overview of Chinese geography, history, politics, economy, culture and art. It aims to eliminate barriers in language learning resulted from cultural differences and misunderstanding, and help students improve Chinese language proficiency through cultural understanding and competency.