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The School of Sculpture and Public Art develops from two departments: the time-honored Department of Sculpture and the emerging Department of Public Art. The school strives to deepen the reform of Chinese art education and to improve its readiness for innovation. Its aesthetic education benefits all people by creating ‘grand beauty’ and molding a new sense of history and the human spirit. The school’s essential mission is reshaping and promoting

positive human energy. As it enters a new period of development, the Department of Public Art will re-examine the ‘Eastern spirit’ as a new academic dimension for the future of art. It expands the traditional disciplinary concepts of Eastern Studies and seeks a new methodical

system of teaching, experimentation, studio practice and social service.

Currently, the School includes the Department of Sculpture, the Department of Public Art and the Department of Fiber Art, including ten studios, ten labs and at least eight research institutes. Its curricula are based on a structure of 'Three Circles – Body, Experimentation and


Dean Yang Qirui

Vice Dean Long Xiang, Ban Lingsheng, Shen Lieyi



The Department of Sculpture was founded in 1928. Years of teaching and well-defined academic discovery established a firm educational foundation. It has continuously resulted in abundant academic achievements and talents. The Department has earned a great reputation for the advancement of Chinese sculpture. The Department of Sculpture attaches primary importance to the development of professional skills and active academic research. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The Department is equipped with four studios: the Figurative Sculpture Studio, ‘the transboundary’ Sculpture Studio, the Wood, Stone, Metal and Ceramic Sculpture Studio and the Eastern Sculpture Studio.

The four labs are: sculpting foundation lab, wood, stone, metal, and ceramic lab, comprehensive material lab, magnifying fabrication lab.

Vice Department Chair Yu Chenxing, Qian Yunke



The Department of Public Art was founded in 2002, as China's first established public art teaching and research institute. It aims to build teaching systems for merging art and humanity, modeling and design, traditional and contemporary, public art theory research and creations in the background of public art. The ultimate goal is cultivating advanced talents with contemporary public art spirit and a capacity for public art creation and design. At present it has four studios and four labs: public sculpture studio, space of places art studio, landscape installation art studio, art projects and technique studio; molding lab, mechanical constructional installation lab, program controlling, visual art, light media lab, mixed media and video media lab. The key concept of the Department of Public Art is using the language of science expressed in space. This constitutes a new direction for leading edge artists and arts educators throughout the world. The department is dedicated to the creation of a new eastern aesthetic spirit and a re-exploration of creative responses to the connection between China’s urban and rural environments. The department of Public Art has consistently achieved outstanding results by transcending traditional boundaries and developing a fusion of art, science and technology. It is developing new ways of exploring the innovative use of time and space in the art of the public sphere. It is leading the field in developing public art as a viable professional discipline with a richly humanistic spirit.

Department Chair Zheng Jing

Vice Department Chair Shi Hai



The Department of Fiber Art represents a newly emerging artistic discipline in contemporary art. The pioneering vision of Fiber Art explores the boundaries between social context and the human spirit in a variety of material-based media. The Department is forming a new category of artistic expression. It has introduced ‘soft-sculpture’-installation to other pre-existing fiber based media such as weaving and surface design. These art forms share a common mission of cultivating creativity and innovation in their students. The department develops talent with academic research and intense studio practice, and seeks to combine Chinese and Western art spirits. It includes two studios: Fiber Plastic Arts and Fiber Space Art; two labs: Weaving and Digital Fibers. The Department of Fiber Arts offers degrees at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. It will continually explore and improve the modernity of the eastern spirit. It is devoted to individual creativity that serves the public and explores new creative opportunities for display in both museum and public spaces.

Department Chair Shi Hui