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Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

In order to encourage and support individuals of outstanding academic and moral excellence who have an interest in studying in Zhejiang Province of PR China, the Provincial Government of Zhejiang Province continues to offer the, "Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students." In accordance with the selection criteria of the Scholarship and based on the specialized programming of the CAA, the following include eligibility requirements and rules for the selection process for applicants.


Please refer to the following:


I. Scholarship Types and Standards


Scholarship Types:

Scholarships include three types, A, B, for use in providing support to outstanding foreign students.

The scholarship is used to provide support for registration fees, tuition fees, books and materials fees, student housing and accommodation, serious disease/illness and accidental insurance fees. Please see below for details on the different scholarship types.


Type A: 30000RMB/year. For foreign students enrolled in graduate programs (Master’s Degree; Doctoral Degree).

Type B: 20000RMB/year. For foreign students enrolled in Bachelor Degree Programs.

Applicants should follow the scholarship regulations according to each different type (A,B) and submit a written application to the International college. The scholarship application process is held once a year. Eligible applicants can apply multiple times, consecutively.


II. Open to All Majors/Areas of Study

Scholarships are open to all majors of study at the China Academy of Art.


III. Applicant Eligibility Requirements:

1.International freshmen applicats who are friendly to China,in good health,excellent in major at the time of admission,and who are good in morality and study well during your studies.


2. Applicants for Bachelor’s degree programs should be under the age of 30. Applicants for Master’s degree programs should be under the age of 35. Doctoral degree programs should be under the age of 40. Every year, all students will be ranked and considered for scholarships, based on the quality of their grades and academic performance.

3. Applicants may not be current beneficiaries of any other scholarships at the time of application.

4. Applicants should actively participate in various activities organized by the government of zhejiang province and the school.


III. Application Timeline:


The first week of the first semester of each academic year shall be submitted to the office of the department for examination and approval. (The specific time will be notified separately)


IV. Application Procedures:

1. Please Login to and under the section “Downloads”, download and complete the “Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students Application Form” and submit it to the office of the department for examination.After the examination and approval of the department, the department shall be submitted to International College for examination and approval.


2. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the International College of CAA in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for selecting “Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarships for Foreign Students”. The International College will review all application materials and based on each applicant’s overall competiveness will select and recommend qualified candidates to be approved by the Academy’s university-level nominating committee.


3. Based on the selection the Academy’s university-level nominating committee, those individuals selected to receive scholarships will be announced and posted on the school’s bulletin the following week. Every September, successful applicants will also be reported to the Education Department of the Provincial Government of Zhejiang Province.


V. Application Materials:

All application materials are in duplicate, including:

1. Application Form of Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students;

2. Notarized copies of academic certificates and transcripts;

3. Passport copy;

4. Health certificate;

5. Master and doctoral candidates should submit 2 recommendation letters.


VI. Contact:

International College, The China Academy of Art,

Tel: 0086-571-87164712

Fax: 0086-571-87164712


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