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China Academy of Art Scholarship for Foreign Students

In order to encourage and support foreign students of outstanding academic and moral excellence interested in studying at the China Academy of Art (CAA), our Academy has established a "China Academy of Art Scholarship for Foreign Students." In accordance with the selection criteria of CAA’s specialized programming, the following are eligibility requirements and rules for the selection process of applicants. Please refer to the following.



I. Scholarship Types and Standards


1. Doctoral Students: 40000RMB/year

2. Master’s Students: 30000RMB/year

3. Bachelor’s Students: 20000RMB/year

4. General/Advanced Study Scholars (includes General and Advanced Study Scholars): Chinese Language Student 6000RMB/year,Chinese painting and calligraphy 12,000 RMB/year(Only for International College Students ).


II. Open to All Majors/Areas of Study

Scholarships are open to all majors of study at the China Academy of Art.


III. Applicant Eligibility Requirements:


1. Applicants should be those who have already been awarded the “Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students”, and can include (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and General/Advanced Study students)


2. Applicants for Bachelor’s degree programs should be under the age of 30. Applicants for Master’s or Doctoral degree programs have no age limit. Applicants should have no academic penalties or debts on record. Applicants will be evaluated and selected based on their academic transcripts and overall academic performance.

3. Applicants should actively participate in various activities organized by the government of zhejiang province and the school.

III. Application Timeline:


The application shall be submitted to the department office for approval in the first week of the second semester of each academic year.(The specific time will be notified separately)


IV. Application Procedures:

1. Please login to and under the section, “Downloads”, download and complete the “China Academy of Art Scholarship for Foreign Students Application Form” and submit it to the department office, CAA.After the examination and approval of the department, the department shall be submitted to International College for examination and approval.


2. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the International College of CAA in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for selecting “China Academy of Art Scholarships for Foreign Students”. The International College will review all application materials and based on each applicant’s overall competiveness will recommend qualified applicants to be approved by the Academy’s university-level nominating committee.


3. Based on the selection the Academy’s university-level nominating committee, those students are selected to receive scholarships will be announced and posted on the school’s bulletin and awarded scholarships.


V. Application Materials:

1. “China Academy of Art Scholarship for Foreign Students Application Form”

Note: Application forms must been reviewed and signed by the student’s current Advisor/Tutor and reviewed by his/her academic department with an official seal.

2. Academic Transcript (Academic Transcripts must be officially notarized by the Departments or Academic Affairs Office or Office of the Dean for Graduate Students.)

Note: Scholarships are determined in March every year. Those candidates selected by the school will thereby be awarded scholarships for one year.


VI. Contact:

International College, The China Academy of Art,

Tel: 0086-571-87164712

Fax: 0086-571-87164711



VII. Attachment:中国美术学院来华留学生奖学金申请表.docx

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