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Information for Freshman

1、Student Dining Room 

1.Nan Shan Campus:

Located at underground Fl. of BLDG #9.

Supper also available in the teacher’s canteen with payment by cash or your campus card.


2.Xiangshan campus

Shannan dining room of Xiangshan campus is located on the 1st Fl. of BLDG #21.

Shanbei dining room of Xiangshan campus is located in BLDG #6 of the Shanbei living area.


Warning: Students are not allowed to use induction cookers, electric hotpots or any other high-power appliances in the dormitory .

Important Reminder

①   If your campus ID card is lost, pls visit the“中国美术学院微服务”WeChat public account to report it to CAA relevant office.

② Card recharging available through this account.

③ Card reissue service

(ADD: 1st Fl., BLDG #9.Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:00

 or Room 115, BLDG #11, Xiangshan campus (INTERNET CENTER) on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 11:00 to 13:00.

Student card or ID card and RMB10 in cash are necessary when you apply to have your card reissued.


2、Internet in room

1.Recharging service: 1st Fl. of BLDG.#9, Nanshan campus.

Time: 10:00am- 15:00pm, every Tuesday. Need to show yr campus card.

2.Room 115, BLDG.#11, Xiangshan campus (INTERNET CENTER).

time: 11:00 to 13:00, Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Need to show yr campus card.

The wireless network of the school has basically covered the entire nanshan campus and the teaching office area of xiangshan campus. Students can connect to the Caa-student wireless signal and enter the account (student number) password (passport number last six numbers) to get online.

Each account is bound to 2 devices at most. If the limit is exceeded, the user will be unable to access the Internet and other problems. Please do not share the account with others.


3、School shuttle bus

Please go to the bus stop as early as possible.



From Nanshan Campus(Main entrance)to Xiangshan Campus:

Departure Time: 07:40, 12:20, 17:05



From Xiangshan Campus (Main entrance)to Nanshan Campus:

Departure Time: 07:30, 12:20, 16:40




1.Nanshan Campus: left to the Teacher’s Cafeteria 

Open: Monday – Friday (09:00-17:00)

Contact: Dr.Cai

Mobile: 13567625056

2.Xiangshan Campus: Room101, BLDG.# 17

Open : Monday – Friday (08:30-16:30)

Telephone: 87200069, 87200070 


5、Library :

1.Nanshan Campus : 2nd – 5th Fl., BLDG.#1A


Monday to Friday: 8:30—11:30 ,13:30—17:00 ,17:30—21:30

Weekends:  8:30—11:30 ,13:30—16:20 ,19:00—21:30


2.Xiangshan Campus:


Monday to Friday:8:30 — 21:30

Weekends:8:30 — 11:30,13:00 — 16:30,18:00 — 21:30


Important Reminder:

1.  Each floor of the library has different opening Hours. Please check the timetable at the entrance.

2.  Library entrance is available with campus card. Otherwise you are required to register your information or use your student card.

3.  Computer in the library is available with your campus card. Scan it when you start and finish using. It will be charged according to service time.

     4.  Book replace card: Put the big one into the bookshelf and take the small one. Put both pieces back when you finish reading the book in the library.


6、Express Package Delivery Services:

There are two spots for receiving your express packages at the Nanshan campus:

1. 1st Fl. of BLDG.#1A (Stage property room)

2. Southern passage of CAA Memorial Hall

There are two spots for receiving your express packages at the Xiangshan campus:

1. East Gate 

2. South Gate 

Shanbei living area of Xiangshan Campus

1. Building 5, floor 1

2. South gate "菜鸟驿站express station"


CAA Add: 

No.352 Xiangshan Road,Xiangshan Campus of of China Academy of Art,Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310024  P. R. China

No. 218 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310002 P.R.China, Nanshan Campus of China Academy of Art 

Shanbei living area of Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art 

(BLDG# 7, International student dormitory,168 Xiangshan Road, Hangzhou, 310024 P.R.China.)


1.Public bikes

Red public bikes are available with Hangzhou bus pass.

Ofo bikes, Mobikes. Available with their App. 



Bus stops near the Nanshan campus:

Qianwang Ci (钱王祠), Yongjinmen dong(涌金门东), Hefangjie Lianhua chitou(河坊街莲花池头).

Bus stops near the Xiangshan campus:

转塘街道/Zhuantang Street(北门2/North Gate 2)、象山/Xiangshan(正大门/Main Entrance)、马浦(Ma Pu)、转塘南/Zhuantang South(南门/South Gate) 



Dingan road stop is near the Nanshan campus. 



The starting price of the taxi is RMB11.

Pls download App ‘didi dache' to call didi taxi ahead of time or instantly. (滴滴出行)’. 

 8. For other information pls go to:

中国美术学院网站/ the China Academy of Art official website