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Exit-Entry Administration of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau (the place to apply for Visas)

1.All students must make an appointment to get their visa, otherwise their applications will not be accepted on the spot. 

2.All overseas applicants, must pay using a UnionPay card. Cash will not be accepted.  

3.The Exit-Entry Administration issues 150 reservation appointments per day, and appointments can be scheduled 2 weeks in advance!

4. Offices are open on Saturdays and Sundays . However, no more than 30 reservation appointments can be made on those days.

5. Address: NO.169, Wujiang Road, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou (near Kunpeng Road). Tel: 87280185/87071973

6.Opening hour:

Monday to Friday (except official holidays)


Afternoon:14:00——17:00 (Summer Hours: 8:30-12:00, 14:30-17: 30)


You can take No.1 subway to Jin Jiang Station(近江站)and get out of Exit E.The Exit-Entry Administration is on your right side.

Residence permit

1.Prepare yourself:

(1)A Letter of Admission, and a Form JW202 or Form JW201(photocopy as well);The undergraduate prepares a copy of the high school diploma;

(2)A valid passport ,visa  and copy of latest entry stamp (photocopy as well);

(3)Registration receipt of temporary lodging from hotel or local police station (photocopy as well);For students  who live off campus:must go to the local police station to register and get Registration receipt of temporary lodging)(photocopy as well);

(4)A recent 2” full-face bareheaded color photo with a WHITE BACKGROUND;

(5)For new students : a Health Certificate for Foreigners;

(6)Visa or Residence Permit Application Form;

(7)Other documents deemed necessary by the Public Security Bureau。


2.Materials will be provided by the school:

(1)An official letter from the College of International Education ;

(2)Yellow paper of a Form JW202 or Form JW201;

(3)Registration receipt of temporary lodging for students living in schools are provided by the school.


Important reminder:

(1)Please prepare copies of all kinds of materials according to your requirements.

(2)Next time,all students must make an appointment to get the visa by the Overseas personnel visa appointment procedure of“警察叔叔”app.If the appointment is successful,you can go to make a visa.Otherwise they will not be accepted at the scene!